Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Damn, Where did my isolated storage’d file go?

LOL, I was doing some work writing some data to IsolatedStorage. Loaded the app, loaded some data that also was supposed to be copied to IsolatedStorage and then I though, cool, no errors, let’s look at that file! ;-)

Problem being that I could not file the little bastard, I look where where the MSDN article tells you to .. (below) and couldn’t find it either. (MSDN says look for Microsoft/IsolatedStorage)



I couldn’t find it..

Ok, so I went to trusty? old search in WindowsXP and got it, the trick was to search with “Search hidden files and folders” ticked…


End result after 2 days..

Note that the MSDN article was correct! but since I don’t always read instructions I couldn’t find it at first!



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